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Assigning and Assessing Student Writing

Before the Grade: Options for Responding to Student Writing - by Kimberlee Gillis Bridges

This page provides ideas on how to structure peer review and student writing workshops.

Grading Practices - by Barbara Gross Davis

This link to a page posted at the University of California at Berkeley provides guidelines for setting a grading scheme, minimizing student complaints about grading practices, making effective use of grading tactics, and evaluating your grading policies.

Teaching Materials - by Virginia Tech Writing Program

This link to the Teaching Materials page at Virginia Tech offers a number of helpful handouts for writing instructors. It includes information on grading, structuring assignments, using writing-to-learn activities, and more.

Writing and Technology: Discover the Possibilities - by Kimberlee Gillis-Bridges

This series of PowerPoint slides gives an overview of a workshop presented as part of the Claremont Colleges Mellon Grant series.

CGU Professors' Advice

CGU Professors' Advice on Writing - compiled by Writing Center Staff

Tips and tricks from CGU professors in various fields. These notes are based on a series of Talking about Writing workshops and faculty interviews.

CGU Professors' Responses to Student Writing - compiled by Writing Center Staff

These responses were collected from a series of Talking about Writing workshops and faculty interviews in which professors were asked what they look for in student papers and what common problems they find.

Working with ESL/ELL Students

The Global Communications Course - Katya Fairbanks

Course description and syllabus for the Global Communications course, which provides international students at CGU with the opportunity to do intensive work on writing, speaking, and listening skills.

Meeting the Needs of International Students - by Lissa Petersen

This page helps instructors learn more about the most common challenges faced by international students.

Stages of Cultural Adjustment - compiled by CGU Writing Programs

International students adapt to foreign cultures in a variety of ways. This page offers a brief introduction to Gregory Trivonovitch's four-stage scheme and its academic implications.

Writing Needs of International Students - by Lissa Petersen

This page provides several ideas for how to structure and evaluate writing assignments for international students in a rigorous yet reasonable manner.


Language 100Y: Global Communications - Katya Fairbanks

This course uses American academic English to engage language and cultural issues in order to enhance the international student's ability to succeed in graduate school.

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