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Research - Finding and Using Sources
Grant Writing Strategies and Tips
Research - Specific Fields
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Research - Finding and Using Sources


MLA & APA Guides plus bibliography search and an overview of different search strategies and guides to internet research.

Librarians' Index to the Internet
Infomine: Scholarly Internet Resource Collections
Academic Info

Subject Databases

UC Berkeley Strategies for planning Internet research

Internet Scout Project

Academically oriented reports on business, technology, social sciences, and sciences.

WWW Virtual Library

Very large collection of subject databases.

Digital Librarian

Another academically-oriented collection of links and databases

Evaluating Internet Research Sources by Robert Harris

Details the "CARS" checklist for evaluating internet sources: "Credibility, Accuracy, Reliability, and Support."

Critically Analyzing Information

This site from the Cornell University library provides an excellent guide to evaluating print and Internet sources. It offers tips for making an initial appraisal of the work, as well as a rubric for analyzing content.

Research Strategies and Tips

This page is designed to provide an introduction to the Internet and print resources available through The Libraries of the Claremont Colleges, as well as to techniques useful during web searches.

Grant Writing Strategies and Tips

Guide for Writing a Funding Proposal

Designed to help graduate students learn more about the proposal writing process, this guide provides tips for writing each section of a proposal and links to a sample proposal.

Sources of Grant Funding

This page, compiled by Writing Center staff, provides links to general grant information, sources on grants in all fields, and material on grants in the arts, business, education, English, the humanities, politics and policy, popular culture, psychology, religion, science, and women's studies.

NIH Grant information

Research -- Specific Fields

American Studies Web

An essential Internet research tool for American Studies scholars. The site has numerous links to sources on American literature, history, art, material culture, gender studies, performing arts, religion and psychology, legal studies, race and ethnicity, economics, politics and social sciences.

APA PsycNet

This site, organized by the American Psychological Association, contains sources on psychological and cognitive science, material on the practice of psychology, descriptions of APA publications, and information on psychology for the general public.

English Server at Carnegie Mellon

Although the server's title suggests a limited scope, this site actually has links to resources in the humanities and social sciences. Students can use the English Server to begin an Internet search on a research topic.

The ERIC Page

The Education Resource Information Center (ERIC) serves as a key resource for students, parents, teachers and researchers. ERIC's searchable database is the world's largest source of educational information. The ERIC Pages also has a network of links to other educational resources.

The Voice of the Shuttle

This page provides a wide range of resources for humanities research, including sections for literature, history, philosophy, cultural studies, women's studies, and gender & queer theory. In addition, it includes a teaching resources section with an archive of syllabi, links to journals and e-zines, and reference resources.

WWW Virtual Library

This site has links to information on hundreds of topics, literally from aboriginal studies to zoos.

Research -- Pedagogy

Generating Discussion on E-mail Lists

Tips for how to ask questions that catalyze discussion and create a comfortable climate for online discussion.

World Lecture Hall

This site links to faculty members' class web pages. The pages may include syllabi, assignments, lecture notes, exams, class schedules and multimedia textbooks.

Teaching Tips at U Wisconsin Madison

Handouts on establishing grading criteria, assigning papers, and other topics delineated by discipline. Also see their Writing Across the Curriculum page for extensive information on integrating writing into your courses.

Writing -- General

Claremont Colleges Central Writing Resources Web

The Claremont Colleges site offers writing and teaching resources for Claremont Colleges students, faculty, and writing center staff members.

Purdue University's On-Line Writing Lab

Purdue has posted a variety of handouts that address all aspects of the writing process (literally from planning to proofreading). The site is heavy on grammar and mechanics handouts, but it has numerous links to other resources for writers.

The World of Writing

The World of Writing links to hundreds of resources on creative and academic writing. The site organizes material by field and genre.

Writing World

This site includes articles on a wide variety of writing-related topics, including writing fiction, freelancing, publishing, and building writing skills.

Nuts and Bolts of College Writing by Michael Harvey

Just about everything you need to know about style, mechanics, composing an argument, citations, etc.

Paradigm Online Writing Assistant

Advice on Academic Writing at UToronto

Writing -- ESL Help

ESL Help Center

Ask any question regarding grammar, writing, vocabulary or other English language issues andan ESL teacher will post an answer. Open 24 hours per day, 7 days per week.

The ESL Home Page

Resource for those who want to learn English via the world wide web. The site has links to materials on listening, speaking, reading, grammar and writing.

Dave's ESL Cafe

Online English Grammar

Writing -- Grammar

Prentice Hall Reference Guide to Grammar and Usage

Features of this site include interactive quizzes with instant scoring and coaching, writing activities, web links for supplemental information, and bulletin board discussion areas.

Judy Vorfeld's Webgrammer

Writing -- Documentation

AMA (American Medical Association) Citation Guide

This site at the University of Washington Health Sciences Library gives guidelines for citing sources in medical and health sciences writing.

What Is an Annotated Bibliography?

This site at the Cornell University library describes the process of creating anannotated bibliography, differentiates between annotations and abstracts, and provides a sample entry.

Web site for the Chicago Manual of Style

These links will answer questions about using the Chicago style of documentation:

Questions about style with answers from the manuscript editors at the University of Chicago Press


Examples of Chicago-Style Documentation

Writing -- Specific Fields

Writing -- Using Technology

Software Programs and the Writing Process

This page reviews programs that writers can use at various stages of the writing process. Many of the programs listed are available as freeware. In addition to descriptions of programs and prices, the page includes links to download sites.

Web Design Resources

A collection of links to handouts, tips, and tutorials for various aspects of web page design.

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