Call for Papers:

"The Ruptures of War: A Conference on War, Culture, and Society"

presented by
CGU's History Department, Graduate Student History Association, & Phi Alpha Theta


When: Spring 2010

Where: Claremont Graduate University

How: Send a 250-word abstract by December 14th via email

or via mail

Graduate Student History Association
School of Arts and Humanities
Claremont Graduate University
121 East Tenth Street
Claremont, CA  91711


War is the most intense nexus of politics, violence, culture, society, and nature.  The fact that it is with us constantly is exemplified by Foucault’s provocative question:  “If we look beneath peace, order, wealth, and authority, beneath the calm order of subordinations, beneath the State and State apparatuses, beneath the laws, and so on, will we hear and discover a sort of primitive and permanent war?”  This conference is designed as a way to explore the multifarious ways in which war affects cultures and societies.  The idea of war is neither constrained by temporality nor discipline, and it is enmeshed in the human condition.   War is essentially an organizing principle by which we hope to discuss many diverse topics, which can include but are not limited to:

  • trauma
  • suffering
  • gender
  • the environment
  • memory
  • race
  • affect
  • political violence
  • ideology
  • technology
  • secrecy
  • human rights
  • torture
  • justice
  • power
  • genocide

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