Online Consulting
Please note: be sure to submit your paper to our online appointment system. When you submit your paper to this address you will receive an immediate confirmation. Please use this address only for online submissions. Use our regular address,, for all other correspondence.

The online appointment system is available seven days per week during the academic year. Once you submit your paper,  it will be forwarded to an online consultant who will read the paper and return it to you with comments. However, if you submit it after 5 pm, it will be forwarded to a consultant on the next business day.

Turnaround time for comments is:

Papers up to 15 double-spaced pages: approximately 2 business days

Papers from 16-50 double-spaced pages: approximately 7 days

We do not accept essays over 50 pages through our online service. If you have a longer paper or thesis chapter, please break it up into more than one section and send us one section at a time.

The service is available to current CGU students only. Please note that, while the service will be available over winter and spring breaks, our response time might be longer than usual while classes are not in session.   If you submit a paper and do not receive a reply affirming that we received your paper, please email us again at our new email address, or phone us at 909-607-0012.

How to Submit Your Paper

Go to this address:

 And "click to register" (NOT to "log in"). Fill in the required information and then you can log in to the system with the password that you just created.

 After each day's schedule, there is a blue line that you can click on and submit a paper through our eTutoring system. It is the second blue line, not the first.

 If you have any problems, please feel free to contact us.

A final note about email attachments and non-CGU email addresses:  We prefer that you use your CGU email address for sending and receiving online submissions because we have had trouble with other addresses in the past, especially AOL, MSN, Yahoo, and other popular email services.  Many of these services will block our attachments so if you must use one of these addresses, please be sure that you have turned off your "junk mail" service for our address.

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