Jingwei Zhu
MSFE | China
Finance. Tianjin University of Finance and Economics

Fixed Income Analyst, China Development Bank


The Financial Engineering program in the Drucker School has the vision to combine the management department and math departments, so students have the resources from both channels
Why did you choose the Drucker School to pursue your Financial Engineering degree?
The Financial Engineering program in the Drucker School has the vision to combine the management department and math departments, so students have the resources from both channels. Students would have the opportunity to advance their technical skills, deepen their understanding in financial products and at the meantime, keep track of the most cutting-edge technologies that are happening in the real world.

How has the program benefited you so far?
I enjoyed my experience at Drucker from day one. It has changed my life in so many ways. In Drucker, you would find yourself being surrounded by a group of passionate people, endless opportunities, and a friendly environment where you will thrive and grow.

Describe your experience in the classroom.
The faculties are very approachable and the class is typically very small so you can easily interact with professors and classmates. Professors always encourage you to think creatively and independently. Group discussion gives you the chance to listen to other people’s idea/opinion and everybody values the importance of teamwork.

Describe the caliber of teaching at the Drucker School/CGU.
Most of the professors had extensive industry background, so what we learned here is very applicable to the real world work place. They also like to discuss their personal industrial experience so the students would have a clear picture of how to utilize those skills. We are challenged by professors in many different ways and we are constantly competing with ourselves.

What are your career goals?
My career goal would be working in a financial institution and apply my skills set that I learned in school so that I can contribute my knowledge to the industry and add value to the company that I am working for.

How will your Drucker degree help you further your career?
Financial Engineering degree enables me to achieve the technical skills that I need in this current fast-changing financial world and also gives me the ability to learn fast and quickly adapt to new situations.

If you have had an internship: Describe your internship experience.
The internship I had last summer is New York City. I worked for a Venture Capital firm and had a great experience there. New York is a good place for financial students to start their careers, you will find yourself discovering new opportunities every day and meet a lot of people in the industry.

What are your favorite spots around Claremont?
Claremont is a very peaceful and quite place, there are so many beautiful places around Claremont that I would love to go whenever I have free time. It is really hard to pick a single one. Claremont is famous for its trees, schools and people.

What has been your most memorable experience at the Drucker School?
I would say the most memroable experience at Drucker would be the time I went to Drucker Toastmaster. Drucker Toastmaster is a weekly event designed for enhancing your public speaking skills. Everyone is going up on the stage and delivering a speech prespisified last week to a room full of people. I was terrified at first, couldn’t organize my thought and was always rambling my words during speech. But each week, I was encouraged by others and inspired by lost of Drucker students. I knew that I was far from perfect, but I was improving every single day. Towards the end, my public speaking has improved siginificantly, I was amazed by the change I made and surely, I will keep on the not-giving up spirit after I graduate.
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