Atousa Sarcon

Career Background
•  University of California Irvine, BS in Mathematics (2004)
•  CSU Fullerton, MA Applied Mathematics (2008)  Senior Compliance Analyst, Pacific Investment Management Company, Newport Beach, California

Professional Areas of Interest
Co-author with AR Pineda, N Abbasi, D Stang, S Jalal, K Jacklin, RF Busse, JH Brittain. "The Mathematics of HYPR"—Abstract paper submitted to the International Society of Magnetic Resonance in Medicine. American Mathematical Society

Aliso Niguel HS, Junior Award Program Physical Science (1996) University HS, Senior Award Program Social Science (1997)  •  2nd Place, Sprint Art Contest, Irvine HS (1997) 23rd Color it Orange (1997) OC Department Of Education, Outstanding art work display (1997) Honor Society Alpha Gamma Sigma and Phi Theta Kappa (1998- 2000) Guest Speaker CSUF Math Colloquium (2008)
MSFE Part-Time, Class of 2011

Career goals
I hope to continue advancement in my current company as a financial engineer.

What attracted you to the Drucker School? One of my graduate school professors introduced me to the MSFE program at CGU. He suggested that I consider the program since it appeared as a good fit for my professional goals. I researched the curriculum and I was instantly interested in the program, as my background is in mathematics. Also I have been working in an investment management company so this seemed like a wise choice. I was very interested in interrelating mathematics and investment management. Financial Engineering seemed like the logical path to accomplish this goal. On a beautiful autumn day I visited the university and I immediately fell in love with the campus!


Everyone can learn what you are learning if they are willing to learn it; however you have to have the imagination to make the difference. I have learned this during the short time that I spent at Drucker School.


Describe your classroom experience Drucker 
The classroom atmosphere is very pleasant and conducive to learning. I have gained tremendous knowledge from colleagues and professors. So far, I am enjoying it very much!

How Drucker prepares me for real-life success
The MBA program is focused on teaching students about the relevant aspects of business, while allowing them to hone in on their teamwork, management, and business strategy skills. On the other hand, the Financial Engineering program gives students the tools to navigate the world of quantitative finance. I feel prepared for real-life success because I am developing skills and gaining knowledge necessary for a career where the combination of math, finance, and programming knowledge is absolutely crucial.

Your most memorable experience at Drucker...
I think the most memorable experience was the last day of orientation when we were given different products to sell to the group of investors. I learned variety of real world strategies. I also learned about the importance of team work and marketing.

What is your favorite spot in Claremont?
I haven’t spent that much time at Claremont since I work full time; however I was able to attend one of the social events at Wine Styles in April. I enjoyed it very much!

Peter Drucker said,
"Today knowledge has power. It controls access to opportunity and advancement." 

One of the biggest mistakes that leaders can make is to assume that they know everything. One has to always be willing to learn new things; in other words, as the world changes one has to evolve with it. I definitely believe that knowledge is extremely powerful and necessary for advancement in professional or personal life; however, we have to also remember that the willingness to learn should come naturally, also, as one of the great scientists once said: “Imagination is more important than knowledge” (Albert Einstein).  In other words, anyone can learn if one is willing to try. However, one needs to have the imagination to truly make a difference. This was confirmed to me during the short time I have spent at Drucker School.

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