Core Faculty

Thomas A. Horan - Professor

PhD, Claremont Graduate University

I have been associated with the Claremont Graduate University for over two decades - now that's commitment! I came here in the early 1980's as a graduate student, went back to the East Coast for a while, and then happily came back as a faculty member some 12 years ago.

What first attracted me to come to CGU is what still motivates me today. Namely, I have found no other place where graduate-level research and teaching can occur in such an intimate and transdisciplinary manner. The supportive environment of CISAT has allowed me to excel in research, and now direct two research institutes. It has also allowed me to work closely with students in discovering key aspects of e-health and e-governmental systems.

My classes are always quite dynamic, featuring field research, student-led case studies and well as presentations and critiques of leading theories and practices in information systems. I find both the research and learning here to be fast-paced, innovative, and stimulating. Most of all, I appreciate the collaborative culture of the school as such an environment fosters bold thinking about contributions that information systems can make to organizations and society.

Dr. Horan's CV