Doris Drucker Women in Leadership Fellowship

In January of 2008, The Peter Drucker and Masatoshi Ito School announced the creation of a new fellowship for a select group of deserving women leaders – established thanks to a $1 million contribution from Japanese entrepreneur Masatoshi Ito. The fellowship was aptly named for Mrs. Doris Drucker, businesswoman and the wife of late Peter Drucker.

“Mr. Ito's gracious, unsolicited offer to endow these fellowships in my name is deeply touching,” Mrs. Drucker said. “I am grateful for his generosity and eager to greet at the Drucker School a new generation of women leaders that society so desperately needs.”

The first Doris Drucker Scholarship honorees were accepted the fall of 2008: Emi Makino and Annie Yang.

Content originally published as an article on October 1, 2008.


Emi Makino

Emi arrived here from Tokyo, Japan, where she was working as a freelance conference interpreter, with a specialization in the business and financial sectors. Prior to that, she was a New York-based business journalist for Japan’s major business newspaper. In fact, Emi already has a Master’s degree - from Columbia’s Graduate School of Journalism.

She says she chose to pursue an MBA, “not only to broaden and deepen my knowledge base in management and hence increase career opportunities, but also to discover new avenues that can help me contribute more to society.”

The Drucker School appealed to her in particular, because of the small student base, the excellent reputation of the faculty, and the surrounding Claremont community. Emi says she also had a desire to really study Peter Drucker’s work in-depth, as well as some of the new, emerging fields, such as appreciative inquiry.

Regarding her honorary fellowship, Emi said in a recent email-interview, “I am both honored and slightly overwhelmed at both the opportunities and expectations that come with the Doris Drucker Fellowship. I only hope that I can somehow make a contribution in my own way to the Drucker School during my studies.”

Emi and her husband have also recently welcomed a newborn to their family.


Annie Yang

Annie is from Shanghai, China. She decided to get an MBA to gain additional exposure to international management theories that would supplement her work experience (she was the deputy director at a computational biology institute that was a joint venture between Chinese Academy of Sciences and Max Planck Society of Germany, and also the assistant director at the Shanghai Institute for Advanced Studies).

“I had worked in scientific institutions for nearly nine years. I love my job with varied responsibilities from which I have learned a lot and grown up, gained managerial knowledge and communicative skills, and known how to play a role as a linkage between different cultures and nations,” She said in a email interview this summer. “I hope that one day I will become a successful project manager able to handle internationally cooperated academic projects.”

During her school search, Annie quickly determined that The Drucker School’s MBA program was the ideal program for her. “The belief that management is a liberal art – a human enterprise encompassing perspectives from across various disciplines – positions it as a “Different School of Thought.” It is not just another business school. From this aspect, it is one of the very few offering a serious degree program that focuses on cross-discipline to which my previous experience is closely related.”

Annie she also like the School’s strong international orientation, the small and focused courses, and the belief that business is not only profit but also about benefiting the community and society. She said, “The strong notion of community is also decisive in my choice.”

In her spare time, Annie also likes to practice Chinese handwriting, and spend time outdoors hiking and gardening. “While the former makes my mind open to the world, the latter draws me closely to the nature.”

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