Past Research Projects

of the Institute for

Antiquity and Christianity

The Chreia and Ancient Rhetoric and Education Project
Project Directors: Ronald F. Hock & Edward N. O'Neil
Mimesis in Ancient Jewish and Christian Literature
Project Director: Dennis R. MacDonald
The Coptic Magical Texts Project
Project Director: Marvin Meyer
Models of Piety in Late Antiquity
Project Director: Teresa M. Shaw
The Coptic Texts Editing Project
Project Director: Gesine Robinson
Prophecy and Politics in Seventh Century Judah
Project Director: Marvin A. Sweeney
Forms of Old Testament Literature (FOTL) Project
Project Directors: Rolf Knierim and Marvin A. Sweeney
The Rhetorical New Testament
Project Director: James Hester
Galilean Archeology and the Historical Jesus
Project Director: Jonathan L. Reed
Roots of Egyptian Christianity Project
Project Director: Birger A. Pearson
The International Q Project
Project Director: James M. Robinson
Tel el-Far'ah South
Project Director: Tammi J. Schneider
Jewish Christianity: (A) The Pseudo-Clementines
Project Director: F. Stanley Jones
Translation and Interpretation in the Greek Esdras Tradition
Project Director: Kristin De Troyer
Late Latin Letters
Project Director: Michele Salzman
Women in Art Project
Project Director: Karen Jo Torjesen
Methodology for the Study of Women in the Hebrew Bible
Project Director: Deborah Ellens


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