Division of Politics and Economics (DPE) Placement

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In the past few years, our PhDs have obtained faculty positions at distinguished research universities and liberal arts colleges, and many of our MAs have obtained positions within the community college system. In the tight academic job market we are experiencing, it is essential for job candidates to have teaching experience. Most of our students have this experience by the time they receive their PhDs. The department has established relationships with faculty at many of the local colleges, which makes it possible for many of our students to obtain part-time teaching positions while still working on their degrees.

Because most of our MA students and a significant proportion of our PhD students are not interested in traditional academic placements, the department has fostered relationships with a range of governmental and non-governmental policy-makers, as well as developing networks within the two major political parties. These connections make it possible for many of our students to hone their political and policy making skills by working on campaigns and in policy think tanks while attending school. In the past year, two of our students managed political campaigns in Los Angeles and another was elected to office. We believe that one of the major strengths of our program is that it allows students to combine academic research with social change in the real world. The following pages represent a partial listing of recent job placements.



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