2010 Friedman Grants

Allison Alford

Master of Fine Arts Student

Award Amount: $1,500

"Live performance as well as video and photo documentation of a dance in which Capoeira martial arts and hand and foot movements made during Wii game play are fused."

The "dancer's movements would be choreographed together forming a collage of the two systems: Afro-Brazilian martial arts and a human's mechanics as he or she interacts with digital space...My interest is to breed images that reference a human's relationship with digital interface. This relationship is characterized by looking at the human animal as instinctively making sense of his or her environment through evolutionary behaviors such as ritual or play. The species that populate my imagery are totemic metaphors that engage ideas of ethology, mythology and connectivity between humans."

Jan Michelle Andres

Doctoral Student in English

Stefani Stallard

Doctoral Student in English

Award Amount: $1,000

"Bringing Jane Austen to the Classroom as 'Bingleys Bring Bling to Britain'--Learning to Read Again with Marvel Comics"

"[W]e...will visit local high school, undergraduate, and graduate classrooms to present strategies for interpreting the Jane Austen comics.  Building on existing work, we will place comics theory and close readings of scenes from Marvel's Pride and Prejudice in dialogue with Austen's original text.  Through these interactions, and interviews with educators and students that probe the effectiveness of graphic novels as teaching tools, we will study the issue comprehensively, adding a quantitative component to our qualitative research.  We plan to present our findings at an academic conference, with the project culminating in a co-authored paper on graphic adaptations of Austen's works--an endeavor already encouraged both by members of the Jane Austen Society and pedagogically-oriented journals.  We hope that this study will help us locate particular biases that impede the teaching of graphic novels--forms that now occupy a significant space in academia--and develop further strategies for overcoming these challenges as the inexorable force of technology continues to change the way we read."

Robin Garcia

Doctoral Student in Cultural Studies

Award Amount: $2,000

Dissertation research in Venezuela.

"My Ph.D. dissertation project will explore how the changing political climate in Venezuela is shaping new avenues of cultural and artistic production in the country. These new formations are drawing on historical strategies of resistance from guerilla movements of the 60s, and the cultural activism of Afro-Venezuelan and Indigenous communities. As such, community-based music, media, dance, and other art collectives are at the forefront of revising elite versions of history to include those traditionally silenced and pushed to the periphery of political participation. During my trip I plan to observe the regional nuances of these collectives in the nation's capital, Caracas, and in the rural states of Yaracuy, and Lara. I will conduct interviews and participant observations with community participants to ascertain the effectiveness of these groups in 1) educating the population and revising historical cultural narratives, 2) changing people's perception of democracy, and 3) increasing local political participation."

James GriffithJames Griffith

Doctoral Student in Philosophy

Award Amount: $600

Presentation of paper at the American Evaluation Association in November 2010 and research at the Sydney Centre for the Foundations of Science.

"One of the great challenges facing the discipline of philosophy is maintaining relevance outside the academy. A few fields of philosophy, such as ethics and cognitive science have made progress in this manner, but such a path has eluded most other areas in philosophy. I am currently working on research to build connections between contemporary epistemology and discussions about appropriate and sufficient evidence in program evaluation...Some contemporary philosophers have turned in a new direction referred to variably as interest-relative, means-end, or practical interest epistemology...in this current climate of accountability, a practical analysis of epistemological justification and scientific evidence that serve as grounds for action is of great use to the applied sciences. I am currently working on a paper along these lines that I plan to expand into my dissertation."

Andrew Harrington

Doctoral Student in Cultural Studies

Award Amount: $1,568

Dissertation research at the A. Bartlett Giamatti Research Center at the National Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown, New York.

"I have been focusing my graduate work on cultural analyses of sports media, specifically baseball media, with papers ranging from state power and the 2001 World Series to issues of masculinity in the media representations of Alex Rodriguez...The Giamatti Research Center houses 12,000 hours of recorded baseball film, video, and sound, as part of a collection containing over 2.6 million baseball-related documents...A week at the A. Bartlett Giamatti Research Center will provide me with the primary source material to write the dissertation on baseball media that I feel is sorely lacking in the field of cultural studies."

Jenell NavarroJenell Navarro

Doctoral Student in Cultural Studies

Award Amount: $1,650

Dissertation research in San Juan, Puerto Rico.

The grant will provide funding "to conduct interviews with Hip Hop artists, collectives, and community/cultural centers including organizations such as IndyMedia of Puerto Rico and Universidad Radio of PR, and artists SieteNueve, El Sindicato, and Calle 13.  My interviews will be conducted as community conversations asking questions about how this cultural formation works as a vehicle for critical dialogue on nationalism, how Hip Hop culture participates in the social and political missions of the nation, and if Hip Hop culture/music is constructed as cultural labor warranting state financial support."  This is part of a larger study on "the state of Global Hip Hop and the ways in which political cultural productions travel and relate to respective nation-states."

Chase Pielak


Award Amount: $600

Presentation entitled "Pioneering Romanticism Online: Charles Lamb and the Pitfalls of Canine Companions" at the International Conference on Romanticism

"This presentation is "a hybrid version of my dissertation chapter, 'London's Canine Appendages,'...as well as the discussion generated on Facebook...I have created a new Facebook page for Lamb as a venue to foster discussion amongst the populace at large."

Stephen Pu

Doctor of Musical Arts Student

Award Amount: $2,000

Performance of Gabriel Fauré's Requiem.

"I am the Music Director at First Presbyterian Church of Covina, and I will be conducting a performance of Gabriel Fauré's Requiem with chorus and orchestra. This concert is to be given in honor of those who have passed, both from within the congregation and from the community. The Friedman grant [will] enable me to invite orchestral musicians to enrich the experience. I selected Fauré's Requiem because it is a reverent celebration of life rather than a sorrowful mourning of death...With this concert, I wish to honor the memory of Professor Friedman, as well as those who have passed from our community...The Chancel Choir at First Presbyterian Church of Covina has agreed to sing this work in a concert scheduled for Sunday, June 27, 2010 at 6:30 PM."

Edward Robinson

Doctoral Student in Cultural Studies

Award Amount: $2,000

Research in London, England for dissertation entitled "The Study of Freedom Practices in Early African American Literature."

In this dissertation, "I critically assess the works of such authors as Lucy Terry, Phillis Wheatley, Olaudah Equiano, and Frederick Douglass. In London I will be able to conduct research at several archives specifically related to the travels of Phillis Wheatley and Olaudah Equiano. Ultimately, my research objective is to examine the cultural navigational and collaborative practices of both authors as they interacted with British society and the collaborative efforts the authors generated with leading socialites of London."

Kerry RodgersKerry Rodgers

Master of Fine Arts Student

Award Amount: $2,000

Fieldwork/research in Haiti for master's thesis.

"This summer I plan to spend two weeks in Gressier, Haiti (a town 12 miles west of Port-Au-Prince).  There I plan to teach art to the 60 children at the 'New Life to the Children Orphanage'...In bringing art supplies and teaching them some art skills my hope is to help create a positive experience for the children.  I will encourage them to express themselves with art: perhaps as a means of processing their experiences, and possibly as a means of developing their self-esteem.  If possible we will do an art project using rubble from the earthquake to create a memorial.  We may also create a collaborative mural for their new building.  Whatever we do I will document the process in photographs, and I will also photograph the city as much as I can.  When I return home, I plan to use the photographs in conjunction with my own paintings as part of my master's thesis in Spring 2011."

Adam Rose

Adam Rose 


Award Amount: $600

Creation of a graphic novel entitled Apotheosis: Battel of Two Hercules.

This novel is "about the demi-god Hercules after he was split into the god-Hercules andt he mortal-Hercules and takes place in modern Greece and, The Underworld, and Mt. Olympus.  Hercules, General Patton, Houdini, Crazy Horse, and Bruce Lee all play pivotal roles.  It is set to be a penciled, inked and fully colored 4 issue limited series.  The script is finished and...I intend to have the original artwork completed, and present the finished graphic novel to different publishers at certain upcoming comic book conventions."

Kyra Saegusa

Master's Student in Cultural Studies with a concentration in Museum Studies

Award Amount: $600

Developing and curating an event at the Mary Pickford Theatre on the Claremont McKenna College Campus.

At the event, 15-20 short videos will be screened and discussed. The videos will be submissions from students at the Claremont Colleges which "address the student's interpretation of a particular theory of identity within the parameters of race, gender, representation and related concepts with a 5-10 minute running time."

Rebecca Spence Rebecca Spence

Master's Student in Applied Women's Studies

Award Amount: $1,404

Summer internship at The Doula Project in New York City.

The Doula Project "provides low-income women with pain management, relaxation techniques, emotional support, and other resources whether they choose birth, abortion, or adoption...My work with this project is beneficial not only to The Doula Project, but to numerous individuals and organizations across the country looking to start a similar venture.  As an intern for the original organization and the creator of training and model materials, I will have a unique opportunity as an important resource and contact person to Southern California projects attempting to employ this model."

Marcella StockstillMarcella Stockstill

Doctoral Student in History

Award Amount: $600

Presentation of paper entitled "John Babington's Pyrotechnia and the 'glittering Canopie'" at the 53rd annual conference of the Pacific Northwest Renaissance Society in Victoria, British Columbia. 

The paper touches on "topics including authorship and authority, public performance, spectacle and theatricality, as well as knowledge making through craftsmanship, and the dissemination of knowledge."

Yoshie UdagawaYoshie Udagawa

Doctoral Student in Cultural Studies

Award Amount: $600

Presentation of research at the national conference of the American Sociological Association in August. 

"I am planning to continue my research that I developed for my Master's thesis, 'Compensated Dating in Japan: an Exploration of Anomie and Social Change.'  For my thesis, I studied teenage girls' attitudes toward compensated dating to bring to light the changing cultural values of Japanese traditionalism as it came into conflict with a developing individualism...My current project at CGU is to combine my sociological studies with components from Cultural Studies...Besides the collision between individualism and traditionalism in Japan examined through the phenomenon of compensated dating, I plan to introduce and focus on cultural studies frameworks, such as Foucault's bio-power, Hall's representation, Hebdige's discussion on subculture, and Lacan's subjectivity."

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