Transdisciplinary Funding

The Transdisciplinary Program at Claremont Graduate University has offered a variety of funding opportunities to students including Transdisciplinary Dissertation Awards and Transdisciplinary Reading/Working Groups.  For more information on these opportunities, please contact the Transdisciplinary Studies Office:

738 College Ave.
Claremont, CA 91711


Transdisciplinary Dissertation Awards

Transdisciplinary Dissertation Awards are designed to support research that involves at least three disciplines and includes dissertation advisors from at least two CGU Schools, *** Departments at the Claremont Colleges or other relevant academic institutions*** Criteria for awards are the importance of the topic, the synthesis of approaches from multiple disciplines, and the contribution to individual disciplines resulting from a transdisciplinary mode of

Students who receive CGU dissertation grants will not be eligible for Transdisciplinary Dissertation Awards; a student may accept one award or the other, but not both.

Proposals for Transdisciplinary Dissertation Awards should be five to ten pages and should include the following: (1) one page summary/ abstract (2) an overview of the topic (3) a description of the intended approach (4) a statement of the reasons for adopting a transdisciplinary perspective and (5) a brief bibliography of relevant scholarship.

Transdisciplinary Dissertation Awards ranging from $3000 to $10,000 will include a $500 stipend for dissertation committee members external to the candidate's School, payable upon successful completion of the dissertation.

Click here to see recent SAH recipients of Transdisciplinary Dissertation Awards


Transdisciplinary Reading/Working Groups

The Transdisciplinary Studies program awards small grants of $500 to groups of students and faculty to undertake readings and research across the disciplines on a given topic. These grants may be used to pay for books, refreshments and other related expenses.

Transdisciplinary Reading/Working Groups should consist of students and faculty from at least three disciplines, preferably distributed across two or three of the Schools at CGU; priority will be given to topics that show promise of becoming the focus for future Transdisciplinary courses as well as proposals that combine approaches of the quantitative and interpretive disciplines.

Proposals should indicate research topic, readings, and names of participants with information about their Schools/fields as well as convener, or conveners, who will submit receipts for reimbursement. A schedule of meeting dates should also be included; it is recommended that groups plan to meet at least 3 or 4 times during the semester.

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