Extension of Time for Degree


Form: Extension of Time for Degree Request

Claremont Graduate University has established specific timeframes within which you are expected to complete program requirements toward your individual degree.  As you approach the expiration of your expected degree completion time, an out of time (OUT) hold is placed on your record.  You are out of time at the beginning of the semester indicated in the hold.  The hold prevents you from registering for the semester, which may result in an interruption in library and student services.  To continue in your program, you must request from your department additional time to complete your degree by submitting the Extension of Time for Degree form.


General Information

You are expected to complete degree requirements and graduate within the following timeframes.  Time is counted beginning with your first semester of enrollment.

Master's degree

  • 5 years
  • 6 years for MBA and EMBA

Doctoral degree

  • 7 years
  • 6-1/2 years if 12 units of credit transferred in
  • 6 years if 24 units of credit transferred in

Verifying Your Current Status.  A service indicators (hold) on your record indicate the semester that are out of time for completing your degree.  This information is available to you in the Student Holds section of the student portal.  The indicator is listed as OUT and means that you are out of time at the beginning of semester listed.  You may not enroll in courses, may experience interruptions in library and student services, and will be subject to late registration fees if you do not register by the registration deadline.

Limits on Extensions.  CGU limits on extensions of time may be reduced by the faculty of individual departments and programs.  For a student's first request, extensions are generally granted for a period of one year for masters students and two years for doctoral students.  If approved, subsequent requests are extended for a period of one year each time. 

For students who have received three or more extensions:  New requests for extending your time to degree are subject to additional evaluation by your department.  This additional review is required to ensure the applicability of completed coursework for your new expected graduation term.  If necessary, you may be required to complete additional coursework.


Leave of Absence.  Time to degree is automatically extended during an approved leave of absence.

International students.  International students on an F1 or J1 visa must adhere to strict time to degree requirements established by the US Department of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) and enforced through the Student and Exchange Visitor Information System (SEVIS).  These periods are generally shorter than those provided by CGU guidelines.  To request an extension of time, an international student must first request a Program Extension through SEVIS.  International students are encouraged to consult the international student coordinator for assistance.



To avoid interruptions in library and student services as well as late registration fees, start this process early.  Alerts about expirations in your time to degree are provided as service indicators (holds) in your student portal.  You are out of the time as of the first day of the semester listed in the OUT indicator.

In collaboration with your academic advisor or department representative, complete an Extension of Time for Degree Request.  A plan of study/research must be attached to the request, demonstrating how degree requirements will be fulfilled within the additional time requested.  Your plan of study may be in narrative or calendar format.

  • Start by projecting your new graduation date.
  • Provide a timeline of how and when you will accomplish the necessary steps to achieve your goal.
  • Use the Degree Completion Checklist as a guide for mapping out your degree requirements and deadlines.
  • Consult your program's guidelines for degree completion to ensure that all your requirements--tools, qualifying exams, proposal defense, advancement to candidacy--will be satisfied.

Approved requests are forwarded to the Registrar's Office for processing.



Questions should be referred to the Registrar's Office: student.records@cgu.edu or (909) 621-8285.


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