2007 - 2008 SAH Dissertations


Summer 2008

Maxwell Leung, Cultural Studies
"Governmentalizing Hate: Theorizing State Power and the Regulation of Difference"

Linda Mollno, History
"Deep Roots and Immigrant Dreams: A Social History of Viticulture in Southern California, 1769-1960"

Omar Moran, English
"Literature of Moral Conflict: Examining the Work of Nathanael West from Ethical Perspectives"

Michael Ward, History
"Massachusetts, Mississippi, and Southern Identity: The Winchesters, New Men, and Imagining Southernism"


Spring 2008

Sharon Becker, English
"Angels of Destruction: Masculinity, Modernity, and the Fiction of 1930's Los Angeles"

Ambereen Dadabhoy, English
"Inscribing the Other: The Circulation of Difference on the Early Modern Stage"

Dana Dudley, English
"When the Trick is the Text: The Trickster as Disguise in the Passing/Marriage Novels of Brown, Harper and Hopkins"

Cristina Herrera, English
"Mothers and Daughters in Contemporary Chicana Literature"

Michael Mahin, English
"Resting in Change: The Early Works of Ronald Sukenick"

Charlotte Negrete-White, History
"Power vs. The People of Chávez Ravine: A Study of Their Determination and Fortitude"

Elizabeth Phillips, English

"Fair to Middling: Slavery and Status in the Poetry of Romantic Women Writers"

Colin Ruloff, Philosophy
"Warrant, Indiscernibility Skepticism, and the Internalism/Externalism Debate"

Ellen Scheible, English
"The Sublime Moment: Confrontation, Colonization, and The Modern Irish Novel"


Fall 2007

Deborah Filipelli, History
"Before Smokey Bear there was Woodbridge Metcalf: Rural and Forest Fire Protection in the California Fire Environment, 1926-1945"

Jerry Giddens, English
"Richard Brautigan: A Literary and Cultural Biography"

David Lambert, History
"Beyond World's End: The Protestant International and the Huguenot Migration to Virginia"

Gregory Olson, History
"Civilizing Men: Protestant Religion in Gold Rush San Francisco, 1848-1856"

Nizan Shaked, Cultural Studies
"The Paradox of Identity Politics as an Agent in Critical Art: 1970s to the 1990s"

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