2009 - 2010 SAH Dissertations


Spring 2010 | Fall 2009


Spring 2010

Sandra Alagona, English
"Revolution and Improvement in the Writings of Jane Austen and Margaret Fuller"

Raymond Burkhart, Musicology
"Brass Chamber Music in Lyceum and Chautauqua"

Carol Downey, English
"The Child Characters of Shakespeare's Roman and Scottish Tragedies: Dramatic Renderings of an Ideal Future"

Fay Ellwood, English and Religion
"Prophets and Prophecy in Nathaniel Hawthorne's Fiction"

Brian Foster, Cultural Studies
"The Global and the Local: Black Britain and Globalization"

Kristine Gunnell, History
"Daughters of Charity and the Development of Social Welfare in Los Angeles, 1856-1927"

Jennifer Jared, English
"The Radience of a Thousand Suns: Issues of Authenticity in Contemporary American Fiction"

Zbigniew Marczuk, Philosophy
"The Human Being as Finite and Infinite According to St. Thomas Aquinas"

Thomas Morgan, English
"The Domesticated Con Man: Confidence Men and Sentimental Domesticity in Literature and Film"

Aya Nakagoshi, Cultural Studies
"The Anatomy of Gifts: The Act of Giving and Living Donor Organ Donations"

Ruth Popkin, Cultural Studies
"The Evolution of Jewish Identity in the National and Post National World"

Tara Prescott, English
"A 'Lyric Elixir': The Search for Identity in the Works of Mina Loy"

Scott Stanfield, English
"A Failure of the Imagination: The National Narrative of the First World War and its Representation in British Literature"


Fall 2009

Seth Greenberg, Musicology
"Billy Bean: The Life and Music of a Jazz Guitar Legend"

Lisa Kohlmeier, History
"Intellectual Homes: The Search for Space in the Lives of Alice James and Katharine Loring, Regina Anderson Andrews, and Alice Paul"

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