History Program

Master of Arts (M.A.) in History

Course Requirements

A candidate for the MA must complete a minimum of 40 units with grades of B or better. At least 28 of these must be in history; the remaining 12 should be in a different track in history or in an allied discipline, subject to the approval of the student’s advisor. A minimum of 20 units must be in one of the following fields of history, and will constitute the student’s major field of emphasis: the United States; Great Britain; early modern Europe or Britain; modern Europe; or intellectual history. Each student must take at least five history seminar courses in the 300 range, including HIST 300. Students writing an MA thesis are also required to take HIST 301.

Research Paper

A candidate must write one substantive research paper that meets the guidelines for this requirement as spelled out in the History Department Handbook.  The paper should come out of a CGU history seminar. The object is to demonstrate the student’s excellence in developing and supporting an argument based on careful, detailed analysis of primary sources and careful, critical evaluation of such materials. The paper must receive at least a B+, but preferably a higher grade.


A candidate must demonstrate competence in research by researching and writing an MA thesis. The thesis should be a work based on original research in source materials.

Language Requirement

The candidate must demonstrate reading proficiency in historical materials in one foreign language. Foreign language proficiency is demonstrated when the student passes a language exam for reading comprehension. European studies students must demonstrate proficiency in either French or German.  


For additional information about the History program requirements, please see the department handbook.

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