English Program


Master of Arts (M.A.) in English


Degree Requirements

A completed B.A. degree is a prerequisite for admission to the 40-unit M.A. program. Degree requirements include the following: 40 units of coursework (10 courses of 4 units each) and one foreign language. Students are advised to take no more than 12 units per semester. See “Residence Requirements ” and other institutional regulations under “Master of Arts Degree ” in the “Degree Regulations  ” section of the Bulletin.

Distribution Requirement

The 10 courses must fulfill the following distribution requirement: one course in British literature before 1800; one in British literature after 1800; one in American literature before 1900; one in American literature after 1900; and one other course in British or American literature of any period.

Language/Research Tool Requirement

M.A. students must pass one foreign language exam. The School of Arts and Humanities policy on foreign language Research Tools is: fulfillment of requirement by demonstrating competency at translating an approved language into English can only be achieved by passing an approved, written examination. This applies to all SAH students, including native speakers of the language under consideration.


For detailed requirements, information, and policies please review the CGU Bulletin and the English Department Handbook.

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