Philosophy Program

Master of Arts (M.A.) in Philosophy

The M.A. program is designed for students who seek either to enrich their knowledge of the fundamental strands of the Western philosophical tradition before moving to more specialized study in Ph.D. programs in philosophy, or to expand their experience with that tradition in preparation for pursuing professional degrees and occupations outside of philosophy.

The Master of Arts degree requires 40 units of course work, which usually can be completed comfortably in two years of full-time study. Students are required to take a sequence of historical courses (Topics in Ancient Philosophy, Topics in Modern Philosophy, and Topics in Contemporary Philosophy), an approved course in ethics or value theory, an approved course in metaphysics or epistemology, Philosophy 244 (Logic and Argumentation), four electives, and reading competence in one foreign language. Additionally, students must complete a final capstone paper. Students are expected to complete Philosophy 244 in their first 16 units of graduate study.

For additional information about the Philosophy program requirements, please see the department handbook.

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