2006 - 2007 SAH Dissertations


Summer 2007

Tamer Balci, History
"Turkish Nationalism During the Cold War: The Turkish-Islamic Synthesis"

Gail Bouslough, English
"Appropriating Wonderland: Nostalgia and Modernity in the Children's Fantasy of Lewis Carroll's 'Alice' Books and L. Frank Baum's 'The Wonderful World of Oz'"

Cathy Cherbosque, History
"Washington Crossing the Delaware and Paul Conrad: Dual Agents of Historical Consciousness and Memory"

Talib Johnson, Cultural Studies
"Inventing the Sister-Bandit Queen: Icon Construction and the Africana Imaginary in the Case of Assata Shakur"

Yi-Rung Lin, English
"The Politics of Advice: Counsel for Women in Eighteenth-Century British Fiction"

Herbert Ruffin, History
"Uninvited Neighbors: Black Life and the Racial Quest for Freedom in the Santa Clara Valley, 1777-1968"

Robert Tindol, English
"The Impact of Science on the American Literary Jeremiad"


Spring 2007

Jacqueline Brown, History
"'Free Eats,' Nurturing, and Salvation: Rethinking the Salvation Army and Religious Activities as Catalysts for Women's Emancipation"

Denisa Chatman-Riley, English
"Customary Practices and Common Knowledge: Annotations of Passing"

Glenn Mitoma, Cultural Studies
"Globalizing Rights: Defining, Declaring, and Denying Human Rights in the Age of American Hegemony, 1939-1955"

Lisa Porter, Cultural Studies
"Transnational Spaces: U.S. Expatriates Recreating Home in Costa Rica"


Fall 2006

Jill Acree, History
"The Sorrows of Parson Weems: His Life and Legacy"

Nancy Bowen, Musicology
"Chaucer and the Harp: Stringed Musical Instruments in 'The Canterbury Tales'"

Michelle Ladd, Cultural Studies
"Sometimes a Cigar: Literature and the American Experience of Modernity"


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