2004 - 2005 SAH Dissertations


Summer 2005

Molly Arboleda, History
"Educating Young Children Well: The Road not Taken, 1920-1943"

Joi Carr, English
"Encountering Texts: The Multicultural Theatre Project and 'Minority' Literature, an Interdisciplinary Approach to Teaching and Learning"

Stephanie Fitzgerald, English
"Mapping the Textual Terrain: Land, Law and Gender in American Indian Women's Writing"

Jennifer Helgren, History
"Inventing American Girlhood: Gender and Citizenship in the Twentieth-Century Camp Fire Girls"

Rosann Simeroth, English
"Lady Philosophy and the Construction of Poetic Authority in Jean de Meun, dante, and Chaucer"

Donna-Mae Villanueva, English
"'Lost Boys': Challenges in Nourishing and Asserting Identity in Contemporary Filipino American Novels and Films"


Spring 2005

Elizabeth Bobo, English
"Milton and Prophetic Authorship in Revolutionary Print Culture"

David Byrne, History
"Anne Conway: An Intellectual Portrait of a Seventeenth Century Viscountess"

Daniel Cady, History
"'Southern' California: White Southern Migrants in Greater Los Angeles, 1920-1930"

Darin Dockstader, Philosophy
"Singular Reference in 'Naming and Necessity'"

Brian Dolinar, Cultural Studies
"Where History Turned Another Page: The Black Popular Art of Langston Hughes, Ollie Harrington, and Chester Himes"

Kelly Douglass, English
"Leftovers: The Persistence of Cannibal Imagery in Twentieth Century American Literature"

Antonia Garcia-Orozco, Cultural Studies
"Cucurrucucu Palomas: The Estilo Bravio of Lucha Reyes and the creation of feminist consciousness via the Canción Ranchera"

Sara Patterson, History
"Divine Revelations/Delusions Revealed: Historical Understandings of Revelation in Debates Over Mormonism"

Audrey Thacker, English
"My Story, Your Story, Our Story--Whose Story? 'Storying' the Holocaust and Confronting Questions of Narrative Authenticity and Authority Through Art Spiegelman's 'Maus: A Survivor's Tale'"

Michelle Wester, English
"America and the Divided Country: Korean American Women Writers and the Korean War"


Fall 2004

Melissa Croteau, English
"Re-forming Shakespeare: Transformatins of the Bard in Millenial Film and Popular Culture"

Wendel Eckford, History
"The Golden Era of Black Los Angeles: Central Avenue, 1900-1930"

Patricia Grizzle-Huling, Cultural Studies
"Unbecoming Black: The Case of the Garifuna"

Danielle Hinrichs, English
"'Writing a War Story': American Women's Writings on the Vietnam War"

Laura Pascarelli, English
"John Winthrop's 'Modell of Christian Charitie' and Configurations of the Puritan American Covenant"


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