2003 - 2004 SAH Dissertations


Summer 2004

Arthur Levine, History
"'Mercenary, Mendacious Mythology'? Assessing the Insurance Industry's Explanation for the Product Liability 'Crisis' of the 1970s"


Spring 2004

Stacey Anderson, English
"The Trouble with Togetherness: Narratives of the Postwar American Family"

Karen Conness, English
"Domesticating Women: Assertion and Aggression in the Victorian Novel"

Gregory Dodds, History
"'Curtains of Peace and Charity': The Humanist Theology of Desiderius Erasmus in England, c. 1550-1650"

Diana Fisher, Cultural Studies
"Immigrant Practices and Urban Poetics in West Hollywood"

Karen Linkletter, History
"Drucker Redux: Management as Intellectual and Philosophical Product"

Leslie Miller, Philosophy
"Ereignis: Heidegger's Path"

Charles Phillips, English "Somebody Showed It to Me and I Found It by Myself: The Saga of Lew Welch and His Not-So-Beat Education"

Jennifer Schneider, Cultural Studies
"Grotesque Bodies: Naming and Claiming Difference in Postwar America"


Fall 2003

Kate Gale, English
"Women's Political Poetry in the North America Subversion and the Self"

Carlos Guerrero, Cultural Studies
"Silent No More: The Voice of a Farm Worker Press, 1964-1975"


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