2002 - 2003 SAH Dissertations


Summer 2003

Tammy Nyden-Bullock, Philosophy
"Radical Cartesian Politics and the Spinoza's Change of Mind"

David Parker, History
"Small Renaissance: Jake Zeitlin, Bookseller, and the Cultural World of Los Angeles, 1925-1948"


Spring 2003

Supakwadee Amatayakul, Philosophy
"The History of Philosophy Through a Feminist Magnifying Glass: Distortion or Clarification?"

Laurie Hatch, English
"Teasing Simple Sight: Physiological Optics and the Sciece of Perception.  A Study of Selected Works from Gerard Manley Hopkins"

Tamara Hollins, English
"Fluid Clair-Obscure: Multiplicity and the Construction of Identity"

Pamela Hood, Philosophy
"Aristotle on the Category of Reason"

William Krieger, Philosophy
"The Philosophy of Archaeology: Processual Archaeology and the Philosophy of Science"

Denise Sandoval, Cultural Studies
"'Bajito y Suavecito'/Low and Slow: Cruising Through Lowrider Culture"

Neil Watkins, English
"Homosexual Desire and the Narrators of Melville's Major Novels"

Jill Wright, English
"Creating America on Stage: How Jewish Composers and Lyricists Pioneered American Musical Theater"


Fall 2002

Christine Danelski, English
"Trauma and Typology: 'The Last of the Mohicans' and its Filmed Versions (1909-1992)"

Anne Hartfield, History
"'Sisters of Mercy, Mothers to the Afflicted': Female-Created Space in San Francisco, 1854 Through the Turn of the Century"

Jennifer Leader, English
"'A House Not Made with Hands': Natural Typology in the Work of Jonathan Edwards, Emily Dickinson and Marianne Moore"

Tamayo Morioka-Steffens, History
"Asian Pacific American Identities: An Historical Perspective Through the Theatre Productions of the East West Players, 1965 to 2000"

Ruth Roach, English
"(Inter)national Writing or Diplomatic Stories: The Autobiographies of Three Male Black Americans in American Literature"


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