1990 - 1991 SAH Dissertations


Spring 1991

Gerard Forlenza, History
"A Navy Life: The Pre-Civil War Career of Rear Admiral Andrew Hull Foote"

Edward Macan, Musicology
"An Analytical Survey and Comparative Study of the Music of Ralph Vaughan Williams and Gustav Holst, c. 1910-1935"

Judy Miles, Philosophy
"Simone de Beauvoir and Edith Stein: A Philosophical Analysis of Feminism"

Michael Shermer, History
"Heretic-Scientist: Alfred Russel Wallace and the Evolution of Man, a Study on the Nature of Historical Change"


Fall 1990

Jutta Birmele, History
"The Mass-Circulation Press and the Crisis of Legitimation in Wilhelmine Germany, 1908-1918"

Norman Wendth, English
"The Modern Sublime: The Meaning of Meaninglessness in Modernism"

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