1991 - 1992 SAH Dissertations


Spring 1992

Mary Banwart, Philosophy
"Hume's Imagination"

Wanda Griffiths, Musicology
"Jacquet de la Guerre's CEPHALE ET PROCRIS: Style and Performance"

Joseph Lynch, Philosophy
"Toward an Interspecific Psychology"

Robert Martin, Philosophy
"Spinoza's Theory of True Ideas: The Role of Experience in Spinoza's Epistemology"

Dean Pickard, Philosophy
"Nietzsche, Transformation and Postmodernism"

Michaela Smith, History
"From Sacred to Suspect: Myth as Truth or Lie: A Methodological Inquiry"

John Walsh, History
"'Men of Property and Understanding': The Pennsylvania Republican Party, 1776-1790"


Fall 1991

Deborah Dietrich, English
"INTO THE WOODS - The Evolution of the Journey Narrative in Early American Literature, 1620-1744"

Clayton Drees, History
"Authority and Dissent in the English Church: the Prosecution of Religious Non-Conformity in the Diocese of Winchester, 1380-1547"

Diane Guido, History
"Anti-Feminism in Germany, 1912-1920: the German League for the Prevention of Women's Emancipation"

William Jones, History
"Before the Cold War: On the Origins, Development, and Varieties of Leftwing Anti-Totalitarianism as Shown int he Writings of Selected German Socialist Intellectuals, 1928-1944"

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