1993 - 1994 SAH Dissertations


Spring 1994

Janice Daurio, Philosophy
"The Role of the Distinction Between Method and Principle and the Place of Common Sense Morality in Henry Sidgwick's 'The Methods of Ethics'"

John Haas, History
"Caesar Rodney: Delaware's Prudent Engineer of Revolution"

Charles Jenkins, English "The Paradox of Mystical Text: Immanence and Transcendence in Medieval English Literature"

John Koegel, Musicology
"Mexican-American Music in Nineteenth-Century Southern California: The Lummis Wax Cylinder Collection at the Southwest Museum, Los Angeles"

Leslie Liberman, English
"Development and Significance of Loyalty in the Novels of Walter Scott"

Hasuk Song, Philosophy
"The Nature and the Logic of Truth"


Fall 1993

Charles Mitchell, History
"The Anxiety of Reliance: Appropriations of Emerson, 1880-1940"

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