1994 - 1995 SAH Dissertations


Spring 1995

Susan Brown, Musicology
"English Devotional Song as a Mirror of Seventeenth-Century Anglicanism: A Thematic and Musical-Rhetorical Analysis of Henry Playford's 'Harmonia Sacra'"

Carol Carney, English "Constructive Narratives of American Culture and Identity: Beadle's Dime Novels by and about Women, 1860-1870"

Lesley Galeote, English
"Discourses of Power and Subversion in the Americas"

Laurie Glover, English
"Colonial Qualms/Colonial Quelling: England and Ireland in the Sixteenth Century"

Paul Newberry, Philosophy
"Forgiveness and Emotion"

Mark Stevens, History
"Meyer Lissner and the Politics of Progressive Municipal Reform in the City of Los Angeles, 1906-1913"


Fall 1994

Karen Andrews, English
"Crossing the Color Line: Race, Gender, and Miscegenation in Faulkner"

Margaret Carter, English
"Spiritual Rebirth in 'Robinson Crusoe': The Western Religious Search and Its Effect Upon Friday"

Deborah Consalvo, English
"A Peculiar Idiom: Articulating the Multivocality of a National Voice in Twentieth-Century Irish Poetry"

Catherine Humphrey, English
"Toni Morrison's Sermon: A Gospel of Love and Imagination"

Susan Porter, English
"Domination and Dissent: Gendered Duality and Patriarchal Authority"


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