1995 - 1996 SAH Dissertations


Spring 1996

Jennifer Berkeley, English
"Women at the Motor Wheel: Gender and Car Culture in the U.S.A., 1920-1930"

Wilfred Meeds, Musicology
"The Hymnody of Barney Elliot Warren"

LeeAnn Meyer, History
"Great Exception: Carey McWilliams' Path to Activism"

Daniel Peters, History
"Danny Orlis, The Yielded Woodsman: The Fundamentalist Self in Opposition to American Culture"

Patti Swartz, English
"Tongues Afire: Social, Political, Racial, Class, Sexual, and Gender Boundary Transgressions in Women's Writing"


Fall 1995

Mark Alburger, Musicology
"Minimalism, Multiculturalism, and the Quest for Legitimacy"

Wayne Bethanis, Musicology
"The Comparative Application of Heinrich Koch's Observations on Sonata-Allegro Form Found in the 'Versuch Einer Anleitung Zur Composition' to Mozart Sonata K310, Haydn Sonata H.XVI:52 and Beethoven Sonata Op. 42 No. 2"

David Brock, Musicology
"A Foundation for Defining Southern Shape-Note Folk Hymnody From 1800 to 1859 as a Learned Compositional Style"

Steven Hayward, History
"The Decline and Revival of Laissez Faire in the American Mind: An Outline of the Odyssey of Progressivism in Law, Economics, and Political Philosophy"

Peter Payne, Philosophy
"Design in the Universe: the Design Argument from the Perspective of Natural Law"

Charles Salas, History
"Punic Wars in France and Britain"

Ted Stolze, Philosophy
"Toward a Free Multitude: An Essay on Spinoza's Politics"

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