1996 - 1997 SAH Dissertations


Summer 1997

Susan Bohrer, English
"Harriet Martineau: Being a Woman has Everything in the World to do With It"

Kalman Gruman, Philosophy
"Two Cosmological Views in Torah Scholarship"


Spring 1997

Cynthia Andrzejczyk, English
"A Storied Place: Women and the Multicultural Experience in the Contemporary American Short Story"

Ernest Burroughs, Philosophy
"On Heidegger and the Gods"

Steven Cirrone, English
"Shakespeare's Magic: Gender-Based Occult Value in 'Midsummer Night's Dream', 'I Henry VI', and 'Macbeth'"

Dennis Royse, Musicology
"Music and the Nongkrem: The Articulation of Meaning in a Khasi Religious Festival in Meghalaya, India"

Jo Springer, English
"Postmodernist Mapping and Modernist Houses: A Shifting Topology of the Self"


Fall 1996

Jean Arnold, English
"Signifying Chains: The Discourse of Jewelry in Victorian Literature"

Laura Behling, English
"'The Ways of a Maid with the Modes of a Man': Disenfranchising the Literary Lesbian in Modern American Literature and Culture"

Matthew Garcia, History
"Colonies, 'Colonias', and Culture: Intercultural Relations in the Citrus Belt of Southern California, 1900-1960"

Matthew Lasar, History
"From Dialogue to Dissent: The Pacifica Foundation and the Cold War, 1942 to 1964"

Naomi Quinonez, History
"Hijas de la Malinche (Malinche's Daughters), The Development of Social Agency Among Mexican American Women and the Emergence of First Wave Chicana Cultural Production"

Shannon Young, English
"The Narcissism of the Imperial Encounter in the Works of H. Rider Haggard"

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