1997 - 1998 SAH Dissertations


Summer 1998

Deborah Cooksey, English
"A Woman's Place: Home as Configuration of the Female Self in Selected Twentieth Century Fiction by Black American Women Writers"

Annemarie Hamlin, English
"Performance Spectacle or Spiritual Experience?  Mesmerism, Spiritualism and Women in Nineteenth-Century American Fiction"

Christian Hoeckley, Philosophy
"Good Science: Ethical, Prudential and Aesthetic Factors in Accepting Scientific Hypotheses"

Bonnie Khaw-Posthuma, English
"Unbinding the Feet: The Physical and Symbolic Representation of Bound Feet in Chinese-American Literature"

Lara Medina, History
"Las Hermanas: Chicana/Latina Religious-Political Activism, 1971-1997"


Spring 1998

Patricia Ash, History
"The Quest for Harmony: Religion in the Origin of the Antebellum Woman's Rights Movement"

Stan Breckenridge, Musicology
"African American Music: Structure and Analysis of Vocal Performance, 1955-95"

L. Eckersley, English
"Portraits of Women: The Construction of Female Gender Identity in Eighteenth Century British Literature"

Matthew Jordan, History
"Jazz Changes: A History of French Discourse on Jazz from Ragtime to Be-Bop"

Daniel Scoggin, English
"Gothic Capital: Speculation, Specters, and Atonement in the Victorian Novel"

Myra Seaman, English
"Speech in/Action: Gender and Discourse in Medieval English Romance"

Sabrina Wenrick, English
"Gertrude Stein Reads Dashiell Hammett: Autobiography and Detective Fiction; 'Not Solve It But Be It'"

Edlynn Zimmerman, English
"A Puritan Yankee in King Arthur's Court: Deconstructing Hawthorne's Myth America"


Fall 1997

Jamie Marchant, English
"Novel Resolutions: Revising the Romance Plot, The Woman's Movement and American Women Novelists"

Deborah Rosen, Musicology
"Music Training and Cultural Transmission: A Study of Piano Pedagogy and the Transmission of Culture in Vietnam and Thailand"

Kurt Smith, Philosophy
"Descartes on Representation, Ideas, and Sensations"

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