1998 - 1999 SAH Dissertations


Summer 1999

Morgan Grether, English
"Representative Christs: Depictions of Jesus in the American Renaissance"

Rochelle Johnson, English
"'As if Nature could support but one order of understandings': Susan Fenimore Cooper's 'Rural Hours', Henry David Thoreau's 'Walden', and the Cultural Contexts of Nineteenth-Century American Nature Writing"


Spring 1999

Lisa Colletta, English
"The Triumph of Narcissism: Dark Humor and Social Satire in the Modern British Novel"

Kirk Fitzpatrick, Philosophy
"Akrasia: Basic and Supplementary Features"

Jonathan McMurray, History
"Distant Ties: Germany, The Ottoman Empire, and the Construction of the Baghdad Railway, 1903-1918"

Linda Reardan, Philosophy
"Emotions as Pleasure/Pain Responses to Evaluative Judgements: A Modern, Aristotelian View"

Ruth Romero, English
"Asian American Literature: A 'Christianized' Re-Vision"

Kathleen Sell-Sandoval, English
"Telling the Story: Gender and Narrative Voice in the Victorian Novel"

Maureen Woodard, English
"Working Women in Depression-Era Short Fiction: The Short Stories of Tess Slesinger, Dorothy Parker and Marita Bonner"


Fall 1998

Kathryn DeZur, English
"The Dangerous Pleasure of Reading: The Erotics of Interpretation and Female Sexuality in Late Medieval and Early Modern Literature"

Joseph Puterbaugh, English
"'Sweet Conversation': Argument and experiment in the dialogue as a literary form in sixteenth-century England"

Emilie Stoltzfus, History
"Citizen, Mother, Worker: Public Provision of Child Care, 1945-1965"

Michael Winkelman, English
"A Little Scene to Monarchize: The Staging of Marriage Relationships in Tudor Political Drama"

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