2000 - 2001 SAH Dissertations


Summer 2001

Jack Call, Philosophy
"The Further Fact View of Personal Identity: The Case Against Parfit's Reductionism"

Wendy Elliott-Scheinberg, History
"Boyle Heights: Jewish Ambiance in a Multicultural Neighborhood"

Christopher McBride, English
"The Colonizer Abroad: Island Representations in American Prose from Herman Melville to Jack London"

Maureen O'Connor, English
"No Man's Tragedy: Oscar Wilde's Literary Matrilineage"

James Reitzell, Musicology
"The First Piano Concerto by an American? Otis Bardwell Boise, Composer and Music Educator: His Piano Concerto in G Minor in a Critical Edition"

James Thomas, English
"'Companionable Forms': Figural Surrogates and the Rational Self in the Poetry of Samuel Taylor Coleridge"


Spring 2001

Frank Barajas, History
"Work and Leisure in La Colonia: Class, Generation, and Interethnic Alliances Among Mexicanos in Oxnard, California, 1890-1945"

Kelsey Cass, History
"None Else of Name: The Origin and Early Development of the United States National Cemetary System"

Jon DePriest, History
"Send the Light: TEAM and the Evangelical Mission, 1890-1975"

Jo Haycraft, Musicology
"Allan Arthur Willman: Pianist and Composer, 1909-1989"

Atsuhiko Hirota, English
"The Romanticization of a British Past: Early Modern English Nationalism and the Literary Representations of Wales"

Thomas Keith, Philosophy
"Peirce on Inquiry and Truth"

David Viehl, English
"Negotiating Boundaries: Gender, the Individual, and the Community in Shakespeare's Plays and Their Film Adaptations"


Fall 2000

Andrea Anderson, Musicology
"1900-1910: Piano Music of Debussy and Ravel, an Interdisciplinary Approach"

Jeremy Ball, Philosophy
"Failing Satisfactory Progress in the Dennett/Searle Debate"

Jennifer Basquiat, Cultural Studies
"Between Eternal Truth and Local Culture: Performing Mormonism in Haiti"

John Harrelson, Musicology
"Theme and Variation, Call and Response: A critical history of America's music"

Leslie Kreiner, English
"Sudden Hues of Red and Green: THe New Utopian Impulse in the Female Literary Tradition"

Michael Miranda, Musicology
"The Alleluias in the Old-Roman Gradual Bodmer C74: Transcriptions and an Analytical/Comparative Study"

Jessamyn Neuhaus, History
"Cooks, Ladies, and Men: Gender and Cookbooks in Modern America, 1920-1963"

Arlene Sanchez Walsh, History
"El Aposento Alto: Searching for a Latino Pentecostal Identity"


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