Mirya  Holman

Mirya Holman

AREA OF RESEARCH: American Politics and Public Policy

What draws you to this area of research?

I have been interested in concepts of power and identity for most of my life; studying women and politics and race and ethnic politics allows me to investigate how disparities in access to positions of political power can affect the policies that are made by governments.

Would you like to collaborate?


Areas for collaboration (research studies, publishing, conference presentations, etc.)

Research studies, conference papers, publications.

Would you say your research is Transdisciplinary?


My research crosses the boundaries of political science, psychology, sociology, public policy, women's studies, race and ethnic studies, and history. Specifically, my doctoral research draws on ideas of the policy process from public policy, politics from political science, group identity from psychology, power and power disparity from sociology, and the effects of sexism and racism from women's and race and ethnic studies.

Publications / Presentations

  • “Sex, Stereotypes, and Security: An Experimental Study of the Effect of Crises on Assessments of Gender and Leadership” (with Jennifer Merolla and Elizabeth Zechmeister).  Journal of Women, Politics, and Policy. Forthcoming.
  • “Judging Women” (with Stephen Choi, Mitu Gulati, and Eric Posner). Under review.
    http://ssrn.com/abstract=1479724. Journal of Empirical Legal Studies. Forthcoming.
  • “Managing Medical Bills on the Brink of Bankruptcy: Evidence and Implications from a National Study”
    (with Melissa Jacoby).  Forthcoming. Yale Journal of Health Policy, Law, and Ethics. Available at: http://works.bepress.com/mirya_holman/1/.
  • “Voting Green” (with Travis Coan).  2008. Social Science Quarterly 89(5): 1121-1135.
  • “The Paradox of Protestantism and Women in Elected Office in the United States” (with Jennifer Merolla and Jean Schroedel).  2007. Women, Politics, and Policy 29(1): 77-100.
  • “The Frequency, Predictability, and Proportionality of Jury Awards of Punitive Damages in State Courts: A New Audit.” Suffolk Law Review. Forthcoming.
  • “Measuring Merit: Rhode Island’s Supreme Court Before and After Merit Selection.” Roger Williams University Law Review. Forthcoming.

Future goals as a scholar

I hope to turn my doctoral research into a book in the next few years. I am also starting on a few new research projects that I hope will produce interesting research.

Must-read books or articles in your field

  • Who Governs?: Democracy and Power in an American City.  Robert A. Dahl.
  • The Tyranny of the Majority: Fundamental Fairness in Representative Democracy.  Lani Guinier.
  • The Concept of Representation.  Hanna F. Pitkin.
  • "Should Blacks Represent Blacks and Women Represent Women? A Contingent "Yes"."  Jane Mansbridge.

Helpful resources at CGU

I found all of the faculty to be extremely helpful; in particular, Jennifer Merolla and Jean Schroedel have provided invaluable advice, guidance, and mentoring.

Helpful resources outside of CGU (blogs, websites, social networking sites, etc. that connect with your areas of research)

The American Political Science Association is a very valuable resource.