Emi Makino

Emi Makino

PhD in Management
AREA OF RESEARCH: Knowledge Work
WEBPAGEs OR BLOGs: http://emicgu.wordpress.com/

What draws you to this area of research?

In the mid-90s, I had the opportunity to cover the emerging internet industry as a reporter for a Japanese newspaper. I watched with wonder and amazement as companies like Amazon.com and technologies like JAVA transformed the way we live and work.

Fast forward to today. New technology platforms such as Twitter are having a profound impact on how people collaborate and generate new knowledge. In the academic world, we are witnessing great progress in areas such as positive psychology and biology. I am curious by nature and would like to explore how such emerging bodies of knowledge can inform the field of management and as a result, improve the productivity of knowledge work.

Would you like to collaborate?


Areas for collaboration (research studies, publishing, conference presentations, etc.)

I would love to collaborate with researchers knowledgeable about Twitter, autopoiesis, social network analysis and neuroscience.

Future goals as a scholar

My goal is to be a practitioner/scholar.

Must-read books or articles in your field

  • Peter F. Drucker, The Five Most Important Questions
  • Peter Senge, The Fifth Discipline
  • Francisco Varela, Ethical Know-How
  • David L. Cooperrider and Diana Whitney, Appreciative Inquiry: A positive revolution in change

Helpful resources at CGU

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