Withdrawals from the University

Students who are unable to continue their graduate studies at CGU may voluntarily withdraw from the University or may be involuntarily withdrawn for reason.

  • Transcript Notations.  Withdrawals from CGU are noted on the student's transcript.
  • Current Term Classes.  If the student is enrolled in classes at the time of the withdrawal, the student's record is affected in one of two ways.  If the withdrawal is processed before the Academic Calendar date for withdrawals without the Withdrawn (W) grade, classes are dropped and no notations are made to the transcript.  If the withdrawal action occurs after the W deadline, all courses in progress are assigned the W grade.
  • Outstanding Incompletes.  If a student has outstanding Incomplete (I) grades at the time of withdrawal, these grades may lapse immediately.  I grades lapse to either the alternate grade that was provided by the instructor at the time the I grade was assigned or to the default grade of U (Unsatisfactory).  In the case of withdrawals for lack of enrollment, Incomplete grades lapse as scheduled, allowing students time to follow up on late registration.
  • Refunds.  If a student withdrawal during a term with enrolled classes in progress, refunds are governed by the samed deadlines dates announced in the Academic Calendar for dropping classes.  For more information about refunds, refer to the Student Accounts website.

Students who are withdrawn from the University may not continue to work on degree requirements or utilize campus services.


Voluntary Withdrawals

Students who wish or need to withdraw from CGU must do so in writing.  Communications should be addressed to the student's department or program and should indicate a reason for the withdrawal.

Students who voluntarily withdraw from the University may petition for reinstatement when ready to resume their graduate studies.  All requests for reinstatement are subject to the approval of the department and student work to date may be reassessed according to Admissions standards at the time of the request for reinstatement.


Involuntary Withdrawals

The University reserves the right to dismiss a student from graduate studies at CGU.  Reasons include, but are not limited to the following.

  • Student status not maintained, usually by a lack of enrollment by the Add/Drop deadline, without prior approval.  Refer to the discussion regarding The Registration Process on the Register for Classes webpage.
  • Vioations of certain campus and academic policies.  See the Dean of Students website.
  • Health or safety reasons.  See the Dean of Students website.

Appeals regarding involuntary withdrawals should be addressed to the Dean of Students and the University Provost.


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