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Congratulations Dr. Orlando Blake - October's ICON of the Month

Friday, November 06, 2009

CPP Icon Success has nominated Orlando Blake ar their October "ICON of the Month."  Blake is a licensed Unitive coach, with more than 25 years of executive, consulting, and coaching experience.

Here are some sound words of advice from Orlando to our fellow ICONs

"The MBTI assessment and other validated assessments are a part of our professional tool kit. Another part of our tool kit is our ability as professionals to pay attention-that is, pay attention to the first things the client says. Usually, a great deal of information can be gleaned in the first several minutes of a conversation. What you want to be alert to is whether the client really wants to work on the problem or not."

Also, consulting isn’t always a matter of helping the client make big decisions or solve big problems. You can help your client learn to make small choices and, sometimes, to live with the ambiguity and discomfort. Find out what your client really wants. Don’t be a solution (for example, team building) in search of a problem."

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