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Evidence-Based Principles for Multimedia Instruction

Thursday, September 30, 2010
An SBOS-Stauffer Colloquium

Dr. Rich Mayer, University of California, Santa Barbara

4:00 - 5:00 pm
The presentation will be followed by a wine and cheese reception.

This talk reviews a research program that has produced 10 evidence-based principles for how to use words and pictures to promote learning. Dr. Mayer’s main interest is in determining how people learn (i.e., the science of learning) and how to help people learn (i.e., the science of instruction). His research concerns the intersection of cognition, instruction, and technology, including: (1) multimedia learning, such as determining how illustrations affect how people learn from scientific text, how people learn scientific explanations from computer-based animation and narration, or how people learn to solve problems from computer games, simulations, and virtual reality environments; (2) mathematical problem solving, such as analyzing the process of solving algebra story problems or how people learn to solve statistics problems; and (3) human-computer interaction, such as investigating how novices learn to interact with computers, how to design e-learning environments that promote learning, or how people learn with on-line pedagogical agents and computer-based tutors.

Since 2002, the John Stauffer Charitable Trust has sponsored a series of informative talks on current research in applied psychology for SBOS students, faculty, and the general community.
Our colloquia are open to the public. Each one-hour talk is be followed by a Q&A session and wine and cheese gathering.
Many of the talks in this series have been archived online as streaming video, or as free episodes in Claremont Graduate University’s iTunes University store. Visit us at:

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