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Neuroscience and the Contemplative Mind

Thursday, November 04, 2010
Scripps College Humanities Institute

Dr. Michael Spezio, Assistant Professor of Psychology at Scripps College and Graduate Faculty in Psychology at Claremont Graduate University

12:00 p.m.

In the fall semester of 2010, the Scripps College Humanities Institute will be holding a semester-long program on “Engagement: Mind, Body and Soul.” What does it mean to be engaged mind, body and soul? Some call it being in the "flow," others describe it as living life to the fullest. But what is the process by which engagement occurs? Does it require the right interaction of emotions, skills, and faith? Among the topics to be examined are the management of emotions, political economies of attention, and systems of beliefs, to specifically address how they affect social actors and prompt social action. In contrast to states of activity, apathy, boredom and indifference will be explored in the context of mind, body, and soul engagement. Is it possible for these states to be productive? This seminar will explore these and other questions with scholars, performers and activists in diverse fields through our lecture, film, and performance series.

Contact: Karleen Ballmer
Contact Email: karleen.ballmer@scripps.edu

Location: Hampton Room, Malott Commons, Scripps College
Location URL: http://www.scrippscollege.edu/about/campus-map.php