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SPMP White Elephant Gift Exchange

Tuesday, November 30, 2010
SBOS Peer Mentoring Program

The SBOS Peer Mentoring Program (SPMP) is hosting a White Elephant Gift Exchange on Tuesday (11/30) from 4:00 - 6:00 PM.

SPMP will provide a holiday-inspired array of food and drinks while you bring one gift for the Exchange (please see details below).

Family and friends are welcome to join!

Danielle Rose Batol and Shanna Livermore
SPMP Co-Coordinators

White Elephant Gift Exchange

Wrap and bring the worst gift you have ever received. (It will be more fun this way!) The idea of the game is that you bring a gift and you leave with a gift that someone else brought.

  • Each person that brings a gift will be randomly given a number (1-x, x being the number of total gifts).
  • Then, #1 gets to choose a gift from the pile, open it, and decide if s/he wants to keep it.
  • #2 will follow and decide if s/he wants to 'steal' #1's opened gift or take her/his chances with an unopened gift in the pile. #3 will have the option of 'stealing' any previously opened gift or an unopened one.
  • This goes on until everyone ends up with a gift!


Contact: Shanna Livermore
Contact Email: shanna.livermore@cgu.edu

Location: ACB 214