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Org Talk: Kevin Lowe, April 7th, 5-6 PM ACB 208

Thursday, April 07, 2011 - Thursday, April 07, 2011
Kevin Lowe, Ph.D., a Professor and Department Head of Business Administration in the Bryan School of Business and Economics at The University of North Carolina of Greensboro, will be talking about his recent paper: " Scholarly leadership of the study of leadership: A review of The Leadership Quarterly's second decade, 2000-2009".

Summary: In a reprise of Lowe and Gardner's (2000) review of The Leadership Quarterly's (LQ) first decade as a premier outlet for scholarly leadership research, we review 353 articles published in LQ during its second decade. Multiple methods were employed to prepare this review, including: interviews with the journal's current Senior Editor and Associate Editors; an assessment of LQ's impact, reputation, and most cited articles through citation analyses; a content analysis of article type (theory, empirical, and methods), contributors (e.g., discipline, nationality, and institutional affiliation), theoretical foundations, research strategies, sample location/type, data collection methods, and analytical procedures; survey and follow-up focus groups conducted with LQ Editorial Review Board members; and qualitative analyses to assess the prevalent themes, contributions, and trends reflected in LQ during its second decade. Drawing from these sources, we describe anticipated directions for future research.

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Location: ACB 208