DBOS Peer Mentoring Program

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Purpose and Objectives

The DBOS Peer Mentoring program (SPMP) aims to foster a network of students who are interested in and committed to engaging in mentor-protégé relationships.

The program's objectives are:

  • To facilitate incoming students’ transitions to DBOS and CGU;
  • To support both incoming and current students in navigating the various decisions they face throughout graduate school;
  • To facilitate the sharing of social resources and support related to academics, research, career, and graduate life in general;
  • To encourage students to take advantage of valuable professional development and other learning opportunities;
  • To offer mentors an opportunity to develop and enhance mentoring skills that are essential in many types of academic and applied careers;
  • To provide opportunities for social interaction and networking opportunities among members of the broader DBOS community.

What do mentors and protégés do?

The exact nature of mentoring varies depending on the specific needs of the protégé and the experiences and skills of the mentor. SPMP mentors and protégés generally meet in an informal setting to discuss topics such as classes, getting involved in research, negotiating the transition to graduate school from either the workplace or college, internship and job opportunities, time management, and balancing the demands of coursework and research with personal life. Some protégés have goals related to improving specific skills, such as writing, public speaking, or interviewing. Others seek primarily to increase their social and professional networks, including meeting other students with similar interests with whom they might collaborate.

In addition to providing guidance and support, mentors help protégés to recognize and enhance their strengths, and also to identify areas they would like to work on. Mentors facilitate their protégé’s development by asking thoughtful questions, listening without criticism, and sharing their own relevant experiences and lessons learned.

Download the DBOS Peer Mentoring Program guidebook.


This year, the SPMP is excited to offer an array of new activities for both incoming and current students.

Incoming students are heartily encouraged to attend the Student Panel. The panel will feature seasoned graduate students who are eager to answer any questions that first-years may have. The goal is provide an open, nonjudgmental, and candid forum in which students feel comfortable to make their voices heard, or simply listen, absorb, and enjoy.

The SPMP will also be hosting the first ever Student Unworkshops to help students at all stages of their graduate education take full command of their experience at DBOS. "Unworkshops" are meant to get students thinking and talking about what success in grad school actually means to them, and perhaps challenge some common assumptions held about graduate school in general. A small team of students will briefly present on topics or skills that they feel are critical to thriving in graduate school, and will be followed by a round-table discussion. The structure is very informal. The goal is to learn from each other, so students need not fear the doldrums of a typical lecture setting :)

The SPMP sees these events as being key examples of CGU's commitment to applied psychology, with very important new demographic - our very own DBOS students.

Food and drink will be served at all events. Please see forthcoming emails for dates and times. We hope to see you there!