Market Analyses

By Pamela Hubbell

In a Market Analysis, your objective is to describe a market's size, history, recent growth trends, expected future growth, and geography. You should also identify who the customers are and what their needs are; barriers to entry; economies of scale; projected changes in the market; methods of distribution and sales; and methods of advertising and promotion.

If your Market Analysis is part of a Business Plan, you should show how the company's product fits into the market.

Writing the Market Analysis


Generally, in your Market Analysis you should do the following:

Describe the customer need


Describe the general characteristics of the customers


Describe the major competitors and their relative positions


State the target market within the overall industry


Provide a brief history of the industry and the major players


Describe how the industry operates (this includes the sales and advertising methods; any factors that determine the nature of the business such as technology; ease of entry into the market; economies of scale; and factors affecting sales such as price, quality, or brand loyalty)


Describe the industry's past growth and expected future growth


Note any applicable government regulations





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