International & Comparative Political Economy Field PhD
(Interfield Students Only )


(Note:  for PhD Interfield Students only)

Core Course Requirements (12 units)

Political Economy:
  • SPE410 Foundations of Political Economy
  • PP400 World Politics
  • PP350 Comparative Political Systems

Choose two (2) courses from the following selection:
  • SPE360 American Political Economy
  • PP411 International Political Economy
  • PP352 Comparative Political Economy

Choose three (3) courses from the following selection:

  • PP418 Seminar in International Political Economy
  • PP412 Integration
  • PP408 Seminar in World Politics: Political Demography
  • PP373 The Domestic Politics of Foreign Economic Policy
  • PP371 Globalization and Diversity
  • PP461 Comparative Politics of the Middle East OR PP363 Asian Politics OR PP366 Politics in Latin America OR
  • PP375/POST225 Politics of Africa
  • PP438 Dynamic Modeling Seminar
  • PP447 Seminar in Network Analysis
  • SPE316 Seminar in Computational & Agent-Based Modeling

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