Undergraduates Registering for CGU Classes

While some CGU courses are restricted to graduate student enrollments, other courses are open for enrollment to students from the undergraduate colleges (5C) of the Claremont University Consortium (CUC).  CGU, its departments, and its instructors reserve the right to cancel a non-CGU student's enrollment for failure to comply with the procedures disclosed on this page and/or those of the individual CGU department.

5C students register for CGU courses at their home college after obtaining the written permission of the CGU course instructor or, in some cases, the CGU department.  Evidence of permission must be submitted to the registrar of the undergraduate student's home college per that college's procedures.  If necessary and upon request, evidence of permission must be provided to the CGU registrar or CGU department.

For certain CGU courses and programs, permission for undergraduate student enrollment is granted only after department review of the undergraduate student's request.  These special situations are detailed below.


Management and Executive Management

The demand for Management and Executive Management courses is competitive and enrolled participants may include executives and continuing education students from public and private enterprises.  To maintain and to ensure a certain level of professional participation and prerequisite experience for dialogue enrichment, permission for the enrollment of undergraduate students in these courses is given only by the department office.  Do not approach individual instructors for permission to enroll.

Undergraduates and other non-CGU students interested in pursuing enrollment in courses offered at the Peter F. Drucker and Masatoshi Ito Graduate School of Management should contact the school at (909) 607-8100 to schedule an interview.


Teacher Education

Department-issued permission for enrollment of undergraduate students in the following courses is required from the School of Educational Studies - Teacher Education Office in Stauffer Hall.  Call (909) 607-3692 for instructions.

EDUC 170G.  In the fall, the School of Educational Studies - Teacher Education offers EDUC 170G, Introduction to Public School Teaching.  This course is open to undergraduate students interested in exploring a teaching career in a K-12 public school.  Interested students should contact the Teacher Education Program to schedule an interview for evaluation and permission to enroll in this course.

EDUC 300G.  During the Spring semester, three sections of Teaching/Learning Process I are offered to undergraduate seniors as a bridge to the pursuit of graduate studies in teacher education.  The three sections focus on Single Subject, Multiple Subject, and Special Education strategies.  Interested students should contact the Teacher Education Program to schedule an interview for evaluation and permission to enroll in any section of this course.


Courses Restricted to Graduate Students

Enrollment in the following courses or groups of courses are restricted to graduate students or CGU students only.

  • Transdisciplinary (TNDY) Program - TNDY courses and any CGU section that may be combined with a TNDY course are restricted to graduate students only.
  • Continuous Registration and Doctoral Studies courses are reserved for CGU students enrolled in specific degree programs.



Undergraduates may direct questions about enrollment in CGU courses to the CGU department offering the course.

Questions about policies specific to the student's undergraduate college should be directed to the registrar's office of the student's home college.


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