Stacy Lee
California, United States
BA in Geography specializing in Urban and Regional Development, UCLA

Director of Organizational Development at Children Now;
9.5 years w/ the organization.
Main responsibilities: Fundraising, strategy, planning and HR/Operations



"Because of my existing obligations, I have to work the program into my life and not the other way around. But I see the program as a welcome enriching edition to my schedule”


Why the Drucker Executive Management Program?  I chose the Drucker program because it is well rounded and grounded in the values and vision of Peter Drucker.  The Drucker program is different because of Peter Drucker’s influence in the school. Students are challenged to think beyond basic profit and loss and measure the value they are creating for society with their products, organizations and actions. The focus here is on effective management and that is a universal ingredient to great organizations whether you are in the private or public sector.

How is your Drucker executive education impacting you in your current position? The program impacts my work every day. I am constantly finding ways to improve and refine the work that I am doing, because of the courses I take each semester. The degree will provide me with increased flexibility to continue to serve my organization in multiple capacities as we change and grow.
Experience in the classroom The classroom experience is very interactive. Because the students in our program have a lot of work experience and come from a broad range of industries, we all learn a lot from each other and push the learning experience beyond lectures and textbooks. Group projects take additional effort, but are a great way to get to know your classmates. It’s really satisfying to work together with a great team from various sectors – somehow we make it all work – we have little time to waste since we all work full time and everyone gives their best effort.

On balancing work, classes and personal life while in the EMP program The EMP program is very flexible – because of my existing obligations (working full time and 3 children) I have to work the program into my life and not the other way around. I’m not putting pressure on myself to finish the program in a short period of time (which many students have done successfully) but rather see the program as a welcome enriching addition to my schedule!

Places you like visiting in Claremont Claremont Village is a wonderful place to visit, so whenever I have a weekend class, I try to stop by and pick up treats for my kids at Some Crust Bakery, or a trinket in one of the shops. I’ve also had drinks with classmates at the Back Abbey which has an extensive beer menu and amazing Belgian fries.

Why now? It’s a great time to start the program if you’re looking for a place to help give you fresh ideas and meet interesting students who are successful in a variety of industries.

What has been your most memorable experience in Drucker? The Drucker Difference course was a great opportunity to take a deeper look into the writings of Peter Drucker and an excellent way to try and understand his ideas across a broad spectrum of management focus areas.  I would tell students to take the course early in the program as it helps ground the rest of your experience..

As Peter Drucker said,
What do you want to be remembered for?

I want to be remembered for helping to build a movement for children that made the public and private sectors prioritize children in their decisions and actions.

Tell me what you’re going to do on Monday that’s different.
One epiphany I had from a recent leadership class was to make small goals – grandiose goals are often daunting and unattainable - small goals are something you can do right away and provide substantial benefit to your work and life.
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