Cristina Regalado
California, United States
BA Sociology, University of the Philippines
Art Center College of Design w. Drucker-Ito Graduate School of Management, Creating Competitive Advantage through Design Thinking, A+ —Joint course

Vice President of Programs at The California Wellness Foundation
Philanthropic sector for over 17 years experience Nonprofit fundraising using a systems approach to social change (e.g. advocacy for increased health access for low income people, protecting the rights of immigrants and low wage workers, violence prevention, economic empowerment, environmental justice, and multi-ethnic leadership development) Specializations: strategic grantmaking, the nonprofit sector, advocacy, fundraising, evaluation, organizational change management, optimizing team performance, strategy development and execution, cultivating new constituents, board governance, financial and human resource managements

"I chose to be in a school known for its ethical values and integrity, and to be in a program that fully embraces and values the contributions of the social sector in advancing the common good.”


Why the Drucker Executive Management Program?  Peter Drucker’s humanist legacy is stamped in the EMP program. He was concerned about how to create and maintain a functioning society that will advance the common good, and,  he placed people (the workers) at the heart of management. I chose to be in a school known for its ethical values and integrity, and to be in a program that fully embraces and values the contributions of the social sector in advancing the common good. I find the course offerings very interesting, relevant and timely – with strong business and management fundamentals and topics ranging from  corporate ethics, social and environmental sustainability, “the executive mind,” strategy to leadership.

Since I come from the social sector, I believe a business degree will enhance my tool kit of knowledge, experience and expertise.

How is your Drucker executive education impacting you in your current position? I have acquired new analytical tools and conceptual frameworks that bring more coherence and meaning to my current work.

Experience in the classroom The classroom experience is very interactive. Because the students in our program have a lot of work experience and come from a broad range of industries, we all learn a lot from each other and push the learning experience beyond lectures and textbooks. Group projects take additional effort, but are a great way to get to know your classmates. It’s really satisfying to work together with a great team from various sectors – somehow we make it all work – we have little time to waste since we all work full time and everyone gives their best effort.

On balancing work, classes and personal life while in the EMP program Somehow I have made the program work for me with my busy travel schedule, a full time job and a family. I heeded the advice of other EMP students who have been in the program longer – just take it one day at a time, one semester at a time. Also, the professors and the staff have always been accommodating of my needs and provide me with enough flexibility to juggle my multiple demands.

Places you like visiting in Claremont I enjoy the architectural lines of the Burkle Building;  the space was cleverly designed to be a welcoming environment.  I appreciate the artwork and the mid-20th century furniture. Other than the trek to Hegelberger Café, I have not had the time to enjoy the rest of the campus.

Why now? I believe this is an opportune time to be in business school. The decade between 2000 to 2010 was marked by sea changes brought on by the boom and bust cycles of the economy, “bubbles” in technology and real estate, corporate scandals, globalization, the ethic of corporate and social responsibility, environmental sustainability, sweeping regulations for increased accountability and transparency, unsurpassed wealth generation and the worst economic recession since the Great Depression, and more. This context provides a rich backdrop for learning.

What has been your most memorable experience in Drucker? Memorable classes: Game theory, appreciative inquiry course, the Drucker Difference, Asian Markets, Organizational Behavior, and more. These classes were taught by top notch professors. I also benefited from my interactions with diverse students from different sectors.

As Peter Drucker observed,
The best way to predict the future is to create it.

Peter Drucker admonished executives to unleash their imagination, to innovate and to exercise great leadership in cracking the toughest problems that faced them. I try to live my life with intentionality -- as an astute observer, a courageous leader, and as someone who seizes opportunities and creates possibilities, where there are none. 
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