What's New? (For Students)


1 November 2010 



Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP)

In anticipation of each registration period, the Registrar's Office conducts a Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) review of all students in attendance.  The purpose of this review is to identify those students having difficulty maintaining CGU standards--a 3.0 GPA and no more than two outstanding Incomplete grades.  Students who do not meet these qualifications are placed on academic probation.  Students on academic probation must meet with their departments to outline a strategy for addressing the SAP issues before they can register for the next semester.

With the revision of CGU's grading policies in Summer 2010, some Incomplete grades have lapsed to U (Unsatisfactory) grades, seriously impacting GPAs.  Although students were advised of the potential effects of this policy implementation, the Registrar's Office was lenient in the application of this semester's academic probation holds.  Departments were, nevertheless, notified of SAP concerns and students should review their academic records on the student portal to conduct their own self-assessments.

Answers to frequently asked questions about SAP and grades include the following.

  • Requests to extend an Incomplete grade may only be accepted if the grade on record is still I (Incomplete).
  • Once an Incomplete lapses to a permanent grade, instructors are not required to accept work for evaluation and assignment of a new grade.
  • Permanent grades (the letter grades and S/U) may not be replaced by a temporary grade (such as Incomplete or Grade Pending).
  • Grade changes, except changes from I (Incomplete) and GP (Grade Pending), are noted on your transcript with the date of the grade change and the original grade.

Other questions should be referred to the student's academic department.


Electronic Submission of Dissertations

In keeping with the Claremont Consortium's goal of environment-friendly processes, CGU's dissertation submission process is going green.  Students will submit pdf versions of their dissertations to review committees as well as for their final submission for publication.  Details, procedures, and CGU's customized link to the ProQuest/UMI submission site will be available in early Spring.  The website will provide a pdf conversion tool and collect student requirements for publication of the dissertation.

For students, several benefits will be evident and immediate.

  • Duplication costs are reduced or eliminated since paper distribution is replaced by an electronic format.
  • Publication costs are waived by ProQuest/UMI for electronic submissions through its website.
  • Time to publication is reduced for electronic submissions--from eight months using the paper process to eight weeks through the electronic process.


Web Revisions and Enhancements

The Registrar's Office continues to update its website to reorganize information and facilitate student access to valuable instructions regarding CGU student transactions.  Our most recent revisions include the following.

  • The Registrar's webpage has been revised and alphabetized.  The mission statement of the Registrar's Office has been added to the bottom of the page.
  • The Register for Classes webpage has undergone a major revision and reorganization.  The new page eliminates the duplication of information and streamlines access to forms, instructions, and policy disclosures. 
  • To eliminate confusion and misunderstanding, the Add/Drop page now includes an explanation of the financial consequences for adding and dropping courses throughout the semester.
  • The Registration and Change (Add/Drop) Form updates the old Add/Drop form and can now be used for both registration and Add/Drop purposes.
  • The link to the 5C Course Schedule has been changed to utilize the portal display from Pitzer College.  Instead of searching through an index of departments, users select a Course Area from the drop down menu on the landing page.  Other search options are available, but the Course Area selection should be the most useful for CGU students.
  • The Campus Services page, formerly known as Current Students, has been reorganized and the index of listings made alphabetical.  Links to this page are provided on various student services web pages.


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