Dr. Becky Reichard

Dr. Reichard is an Assistant Professor in the School of Behavioral and Organizational Sciences at Claremont Graduate University. She received her doctorate in Management from the Gallup Leadership Institute at the University of Nebraska–Lincoln. She received a M.S. in industrial/organizational psychology from Missouri State University and a B.S. in psychology from Missouri Western State University where she was also inducted into the 2007 Athletic Hall of Fame for her career playing women’s basketball.

Website: www.cgu.edu/pages/6595.asp





Dr. Reichard's classes related to POP

• Positive Organizational Psychology

• Positive leadership

• Positive Organizational/I-O Research practicum



Publications and Presentations related to POP

• Avey, J.A., Reichard, R.J., Luthans, F., & Mhatre, K. (under review). Meta-analysis of the impact of positive psychological capital on employee attitudes, behaviors and performance.

• Reichard, R.J. & Johnson, S.J. (in press). Leader self development as organizational strategy. The Leadership Quarterly.

• Avolio, B.J. & Reichard, R.J. (2008). The rise of authentic followership. In R.E. Riggio, I. Chaleff, & J. Lipman-Blumen (Eds.) The art of followership: How Great Followers Create Great Leaders and Organizations (pp. 325-337). Jossey-Bass: San Francisco, CA.

• Wefald, A. J., & Reichard, R. J. (in progress). Fitting engagement into a nomological network: The relationship of engagement to leadership and personality.