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I am a PhD student in Applied Psychology with an emphasis in Development and Organizational Behavior. My research interests revolve mainly around 4 core areas: Innovation management, creativity, cultural psychology (primarily focusing on Asian/Confucian-based cultures), and leadership. As such, I have researched leadership practices around innovation in Singaporean executives, barriers and facilitators of innovation, error learning and it’s impact on innovation, factors that go into the determination of a creative or non-creative product, and a framework to describe common leader mismanagement. My goal in all my research is to create new ... (read more)

Ernest's main research interests: Creativity, Innovation

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Grad school at this point in my career and life is the most fun and the hardest work I’ve ever done! I currently am finishing my portfolio and exploring the literature for my dissertation. I also teach at a local state university in the School of Business.

Cindy's main research interests: Playfulness as a catalyst to creativity in the workplace and entrepreneurial motivation and idea generation

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I started my work career working in commercial real estate and had the fortune to work with very effective and influential leaders that changed my life trajectory. I became very interested in how organizations and leaders are able to create an environment that is conducive to employee engagement, excellence, and innovation. I am interested in researching organizations with a consistent track record of innovation that have been able to focus on innovation and maintain that culture throughout stages of ... (read more)

Ryan's main research interests: Leadership, Entrepreneurship, Innovation

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My research focuses on people’s optimal experiences at work and their relations to the work. Specifically, I am interested in flow, job crafting, engagement, meaning, and happiness in the workplace.

Ia's main research interests: Flow, Happiness at work, Job crafting

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Trading HPLC for DTI, and then switching to PANAS, this erstwhile chemist-cum-neuroscientist has tinkered with a bunch of different tools for understanding the factors that enable people to do and be their best. Conducting research on creativity, hypnosis, mentoring, and flow, Orin hatches scheme upon scheme to promote self-actualization. He is also searching for a lost electron. If you have seen it, or want to find out more about his research, check out

Orin's main research interests: Micro-flow

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