Ia Ko

My research focuses on people’s optimal experiences at work and their relations to the work. Specifically, I am interested in flow, job crafting, engagement, meaning, and happiness in the workplace.








Publications, Presentations, and Other Projects related to POP

• Dissertation: Crafting a job: Creating optimal experiences at work.

• Ko, I., & Donaldson, S.I. (2011).  Applied positive organizational psychology: The state of the science and practice.  In S.I. Donaldson, M. Csikszentmihalyi, & J. Nakamura (Eds.) Applied Positive Psychology: Improving Everyday Life, Health, Schools, Work, and Society.  London: Routledge Academic.

• Donaldson, S. I., & Ko, I. (2010). Positive organizational psychology, behavior, and scholarship: A review of the emerging literature and evidence base. Journal of Positive Psychology, 5, 171-199.

• Ko, I. (2010, April). Pursuit of happiness at work. Paper presented at the 2010 Western Psychological Association Convention, Cancun, Mexico. 

• Ko, I. (2009, June). Mapping the new terrain of positive organizational psychology. Poster session presented at the First World Congress on Positive Psychology. Pennsylvania, PA.

• Ko, I. (2009, April). New directions and opportunities in the emerging field of Positive Psychology. Paper presented at the 2009 Western Psychological Association Convention, Portland, OR. 

• Ko, I., Deng, B., McCallum, M., & Bonis, S. (under review). Positive leadership, positive employee behavior: Authentic leadership link to employee organizational citizenship.

• Donaldson, S. I., & Ko, I. (2008, July). Positive organizational psychology: A theory-driven research synthesis. Paper presented at the European Conference on Positive Psychology, Opatija, Croatia.

• Ko, I. (2007, October). Flow, happiness at work, and job performance. Poster session presented at the Fifth International Positive Psychology Summit. Washington, DC.

• Thesis: Flow, happiness at work, and job performance.

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