Transdisciplinary Studies Program

Greetings from the Co-Directors

Thomas Horan

Patricia Easton

Welcome to the Transdisciplinary Studies Program at CGU!

We are proud to be a cornerstone of the CGU experience. Our array of courses, research, and initiatives provide an integrating force for CGU students and faculty to pursue cutting-edge topics in unique and distinctive ways.

Fundamentally, transdisciplinarity is a new way of thinking and doing. Researchers need to be free to follow a problem across disciplinary boundaries. They should be empowered to draw upon the concepts and methods of other disciplines to create new solutions to industry and societal issues. And they should ask how the creation of knowledge can positively impact our most pressing contemporary problems.

Our current initiative," Big Data, Better World?", is an example of transdisciplinary thinking and doing. We are bringing together technologists, humanists, social scientists, and business leaders both to leverage the power of this new mode of knowledge creation and to critically consider its impacts on individuals and society.

We aim to inspire new ideas and actions through these activities, and we look forward to working with you!

Thomas Horan and Patricia Easton, Co-Directors
Transdisciplinary Studies Program


Since 2005, we have offered over 80 transdisciplinary courses. These courses introduce students to the practices of transdisciplinary inquiry and foster collaborations across fields and schools that would not necessarily occur in traditional single-discipline courses. Our current course offerings are:

Transdisciplinary Course Requirements for PhD Students

Grants and Fellowships

The Transdisciplinary Studies Program currently offers three awards to support transdisciplinary research at CGU:

All Students:
Hillcrest Transdisciplinary Awards

Ph.D. Candidates:
Transdisciplinary Dissertation Awards

Faculty Summer Research Grants

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